Gemini Love Horoscope

Everything seems attractive and seemingly telling you to go for it. But the stars foretell otherwise. Till now, you have been focusing your relationship entirely based on your partner. But big decisions call for deeper and more meaningful understanding. Therefore let today be not about your partner but about your partner’s life. Learn about your partner’s family, their friends and acquaintances. Use today to acclimatize yourself to your partner’s environment as this will give you a better understanding of your partner.

Your partner is a sensitive person who cares a lot about you and is ready to confide in you. He/she wants to welcome you into their world and know everything about you. Your partner loves you and is ready to support you in every decision you take. But they wish you knew them better and returned the favor. Therefore, the day calls for bonding and understanding. This, in turn, will stabilize your relationship and take it to better heights.

In a nutshell, the day looks good and favorable for love. Take the day off and spend it with your partner, over a trip, a simple walk in the park and coffee later. Try to discourage friends from calling today and make it only about your partner and no one else. It will be good to avoid the color green as it might invite trouble. Instead, go for light blue as it is elicits positivity and will help you bond with your partner today.

Lucky colors – powder blue, moccasin
Lucky numbers – 8, 13, 25, 44