Scorpio Weekly Horoscope, July 15 to July 21

The week ahead for Scorpio

The sector for a career, social status, bosses, authority, and ambitions is triggered with a Sun and Mercury. Mercury is moving in a slowdown mode as well. Rework of the existing projects can come up. Serious discussions with your bosses and parents are also seen. Your career may be going through little stress. This is a time to plan for a new job. Your bosses may have a different view than yours. There are chances for arguments with your bosses and mentors.

Mars, the planet for courage and energy is moving through the sector for home and family in a reverse gear. You may think about real estate deals. This is not the best time to take final decisions regarding your personal life. Real estate deals and plans for relocation can come up. Serious discussions with family members also can come up. Family functions and problem-solving sessions are also seen.

Venus is moving through the sector for friendships, collective projects, long-term associations, children, youth groups, hopes, wishes, and gains. There will be a lot of focus on new long-term projects. This is a time to think about new ventures. You may plan to join new teams. You want to make new plans for your personal and professional life. Projects from scientific and technical communication-related domains are also seen.

Scorpio Horoscope